Floor Mopping Robot

If you do not have some specific ideas for where to buy a floor mopping robot. These products are very hot on Amazon, and the reviewers have enjoyed keeping these vacuums for a long time and so that they are well worth considering for you!

As you can judge that they are lightweight and compact to use in small places and corners, Its unique design has been highly approved. Also, they are very practical because they are able to clean so quickly. You will be astonished that there will be no cords to bother you in your room!

Just here, you are able to find the best one. I am sure that you will like it.

What are the Best Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot Braava 380t Keeping your floors clean is easier than ever with Braava Floor Mopping robots. Just attach a disposable cleaning cloth or the unique Reservoir Pad with a Pro-Clean microfiber cloth …

Floor Mopping Robot Reviews
  • “So far I am pretty impressed at how well this little robot works, it certainly surpassed the expectations I had.” – Frek
  • “Wet mopping was just as easy, though you should lightly pre-wet your reusable microfiber cloth, or disposable Swiffer pad when using this in mopping mode.” – Kilgore Gagarin
  • “This little robot is a helper, and keeping that in mind, you’ll find your floors stay much cleaner in between your more dedicated cleaning sessions.” – Dan

iRobot Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot

Buying Guides
  • “It really shined up the floor, and I used only the dry Swiffer pads.” – Martin Luther
  • “It does a very, very good job of the routine sweeping that needs to be done if you like to go barefoot and have a decently tidy house.” – A. Hunt
  • “She loves having her coffee and watching her little butler clean the floors for her..” – Bookworm

Super Maid, RV318
Techko Maid

Super Maid, RV318Super Maid, RV318The Super Maid is our 3-in-1 model. This machine can vacuum most carpet, mop your hard floors, and sweep both your hard floors — wood, tile, marble, linoleum — and carpet.

Expert Advice
  • “The Techko Maid RV318 will turn you away from robot vacuums.” – Tyler Forge
  • “If it has any cords or area rugs it will get stuck for sure.” – Michael Countryman
  • “Has sufficient vacuum power though, and it did capture carpet dirt.” – Chen Sun

Rotech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner W/remote Control  Vacuuming, Sweeping, Disinfecting, Mopping. Model Rv12, Silver

Rotech (4-in-1 series) Smart robot vacuum cleaner is from the few only automatic robot cleaner on market that can sweep, vacuum, Dry Mopping and sanitize for you all in one single step.

Techko Maid Robotic RM403 Mopping Machine, Silver
Techko Maid

Foor Maid, RM403 – Robotic Mopping Machine.

Consumer Reports
  • “The machine is so loud and noisy .” – Jennifer Chen
  • “You can put a wet pad on it but the best it does is wipe.” – Jeffrey S. Arrowood
  • “Every time it hits a wall or something, it makes a sound like it’s about to fall apart.” – Sarah E. Haney

Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner with Charging Cradle

Keeping your floors clean is easier than ever with Mint Automatic Floor Cleaners. Just attach a dispossable cleaning cloth or the unique Reservoir Pad with a Pro-Clean microfiber cloth, set Mint down, press either the Sweep or Mop button and let it clean.

Buyers Guide
  • “Both do a really nice job sweeping so I primarily use the Mint for wet mopping after the floors have been thoroughly swept.” – Crabigail Cassidy
  • “Use it almost everyday does a great job but will still mop or steam clean once in a while.” – uniqueeq
  • “Just let me start and say that my wife was skeptic and didn’t want to hear about a robot – but now she adores Alfred – our Mint plus – makes me feel like batman ;) .” – Ben Pere

Smart Maid, RS118
Techko Maid

Smart Maid, RS118 – Robotic High Speed Sweeper & Mopping Machine.

Techko Maid Robotic RV102 Robotic High Sweeper & Mopping Machine, Silver
Techko Maid

If floors could only sweep themselves, it will make your life a lot easier! This Techko Maid RV102 Robotic Sweeper and Mopping Machine will sweep and also mop (wet or dry) a variety of floors such as wood, linoleum, tile and marble.

JED-KRV208 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Dry Mop Cleaner/support sweeping+vacuuming+mopping +AUTO CHARGING

Auto-cleaning: cleaning automatically on the wood, tile floor and carpet.
Mini-body: cleaning under bed and other hard-to-reach area
Vacuum: strong suction to absorbing dust, dirt and hair.

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